Sunday, March 18, 2012

Custom ovens for small R.V.'s

 Made this modified 8 inch oven for Liz last week. She sent this E-Mail today.

Brian, got my oven yesterday and had to try it right away. Used it on my gas kitchen range and it worked perfectly!!! Since it was St. Patrick's day, I made Irish Soda Bread. I used a thermometer to check the internal temperature (quick breads and cakes want to be baked to 180 F.) and the bread came out nicely browned on the top and bottom, perfectly baked. I also did a quick check of it in our motor home and the lower height will work perfectly.

My husband and I participate in an owner's group for our motor home (Tiger Motor homes by Provan), and I intend to promote your oven on the group's blog. Good luck, I hope you sell a lot of these great ovens. You may need to set up the shorter oven as a standard option.

Thanks, Liz Thomson

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