Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bemco Oven material used

 I am writing this post because I get a lot of questions asking me why the oven is made of aluminum and not titanium.
 Well I have researched this prior to the design of the oven and found that, number one the price for titanium is substantially more. This would make the oven out of reach to a lot of consumers. Number two the fact that titanium actually weighs 40% more than aluminum. So if my 7 inch oven that weights 24 ounces was made out of the same thickness titanium ( you would not want to use a thinner material as it would be as thin as paper) it would weigh 33.5 ounces. Now at that weight I would probably still carry it. But a lot of people would not.
 So by using aluminum we reduced the cost to manufacture the oven and reduced the weight. The weight is a major concern to all backpackers and basically anyone packing into the wilderness.
 Now as far as the pans go I would love to provide titanium pans but then again the price is a major factor. If you already have a pan that fits into the oven made of titanium or any other material you can use it with the oven. You do not need the aluminum pans if that is a concern. But remember most of your cook sets and even home pots are made of aluminum. The pans I sell are a standard baking pan off the shelf. This helps keep the cost down also.
 I am always trying to reduce the weight of the Bemco Oven while still maintaining an affordable product that everyone can use anywhere at anytime.

Thank You
Brian Marsh

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