Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mt. Whitney trip menu

Horseshoe Meadow to Whitney Portal

Food list

Pizza  Makes  6 pizzas each pizza is 600 calories. Two pizzas at each meal. Also 2 pizzas at the top of Mt. Whitney along with a batch of brownies.
       o   3 cups flour, 2 packs yeast, 6 packs sugar, 6 packs salt, 1 tube tomato paste, Pepperoni,       Mushrooms, onions, Bell peppers, 12 ounces of mozzarella cheese.

Enchiladas makes 1- 6” pan each pan is one serving and 1100 calories each.

o   3- 6 inch flour tortillas, 1 pack crumbled beef, 1 pack seasoning, 4 oz cheddar cheese.

Biscuits & Gravy makes 3 large pans 720 calories each

o   3 packs biscuit mix, 2 packs gravy mix, Bacon bits.

Muffins each mix makes 1- 6” x2” thick muffin cake 720 calories each

o   1 pack banana nut, 1 pack blueberry.

 Chili & cornbread makes enough for 12 servings 3700 calories split between 3 people

o   1 pack chili mix with beans and veggies,  tomato paste from pizza list, 1 pack cornbread mix (just add water)

Trail mix for lunch along with beef jerky and summer sausage.

o   Summer sausage total of one 5 ounce at 500 calories.

o   2 cups trail mix at 400 calories per cup (1/2 cup per day)

o   Dried fruit 2 cups at 640 calories per cup ( 1/2 cup per day)

o   Beef jerky home made about 200 calories per day ( 1/2 lb for the trip)  

Desert every night

o   Chocolate chip muffins (2 packs) 720 calories each

o   Brownies ( ¼ cup oil & ¼ cup water ) bake 25 min or until done.  1170 calories per batch. Split between 3 people.

o   Peanut butter cookies. 1170 calories split between 3 people.

Total calories 19240 divided by 4 days equals 4810 per day.

 This food has little or no preservatives or chemicals added as it is all made fresh on the trail. Prep time ranges from 3 min to 5 min each meal. Bake times range from 12 min to 30 min for the brownies and enchiladas.

Total weight 162.5 ounces or 10.1 lbs. that equals 1904 calories per pound of food.

The extra items to share are the brownies 7 ounces, the chocolate chip muffins 6.5 ounces times two, the peanut butter cookies 7.5 ounces. Total extra weight  28 ounces.


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