Customer Comments

  I received this yesterday via E-Mail. This looks like some great bread. Don uses his home stove top while at home and the MSR Dragonfly while out camping.

Hi Brian,

I bought a 9" oven from you back in April and I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I have a lot of experience with an Outback Oven and there is no comparison in performance between the two. Your oven works like a conventional oven and I have never burned anything in it! I can't say that about the Outback Oven.
 I did a side by side test, Backpacker Oven versus our kitchen oven. I mixed up a 6 cup recipe of buttermilk yeast bread and divided it into 2 loaves. One went into my wife’s Kitchen Aid oven and the other into my 9” Backpacker Oven. Both ovens were preheated to 400 deg. F. I removed the top rack in the Backpacker oven to give more room for the loaf to rise. The recipe called for 400 deg. F. for the first 10 minutes and then 350 deg for 20 to 25 minutes. It was easy to check the progress of the bread in the Backpacker Oven by looking through the top vent hole with a flash light. That way I didn’t have to open the door and let the heat out of the oven. I was really surprised that both loaves finished baking at exactly the same time. I have attached a picture of the bread so you can see how they came out. The round loaf was baked in the Backpacker Oven.

I have tried the same baking test with cookies. While my wife baked cookies in her oven, I baked in the Backpacker Oven at the exact same temperature. Cooking times were identical and so was the appearance of the cookies. In fact you couldn’t tell them apart if they were put on the same cooling rack.

I baked a brownie mix “Duncan Hines Chocolate Lovers Brownies, Double Fudge” The 17.6 oz box is intended for an 8x8” pan but works fantastic in the 8” round. The baking time was exactly what the box said for a conventional oven. What amazes me is that I can bake 2 of these at one time in the 9” oven.
 I’m really impressed with the Backpacker Oven. The 9” oven will easily bake enough food at one time to feed my family of 4. While I bought it primarily for using on our salt water boat, I think it will see lots of car camping or it might even go on my next canoe trip.

Thanks for producing such a fun product and also for the awesome customer service.