Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baking in the Bemco Backpacker Oven

Today I was hungry for a Calzone and decided to bake one up real quick. But I did not want to fire up the oven in the house it takes too much propane. So instead I fired up the Backpacker Oven and began baking. The BEMCO oven only takes a small amount of fuel from your backpack stove. I use the MSR Windpro or the Whisperlite stove. Today I was using the Whisperlite because I was out of fuel canisters for the Windpro.

 So I baked the Calzone seen here and then decided I would make dessert as I had the oven fired up any way. So I whipped out a double layer spice cake. All this baking only took about 2 hours.

Photos of the double layer cake. I spent about 10 min frosting it with the brownie topping that comes in a tube. This would be great for a wilderness birthday surprise just add a few candles and it's more than 2 could eat. You would be able to feed about 4 to 8 people with this cake. Takes about half the box mix and baked for a total of 25 min. Prep time is minimal and you can get the powdered eggs that I used in this cake from Packit Gormet or your local health food store. The Oven worked great for baking this cake and many other great treats and meals. I normaly test all recipies prior to taking them out to the wilderness with me.

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