Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Bemco Backpacker Oven's

 We now have available for purchase a 9" oven that weighs in at around 38oz and an 8" oven that weighs in at around 27oz. The 9" oven is made of heavier gauge material that is why it weighs much more. The 8" oven is made of the same gauge material as the 7" oven. Both of the new ovens are on our site in the online store page.

This photo shows all three ovens with the 9" oven on the left, a backpacker’s cache then the 7" oven followed by the 8" oven. All of the ovens have been used with the stoves shown in the picture.

We have also started installing our new door latch on all of the new ovens. This latch will hold the door shut while baking as we have found that in some cases the door does not stay shut when the oven is heated.

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