Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alcohol Stoves and The Backpacker Oven

 I have found that a lot of the alcohol stoves do not work well with the Oven. This is due to the alcohol getting too hot and boiling. This causes the flame to be too high and uncontrollable. This is also the case with our alcohol stove that we make. I tried it yesterday but their was a slight breeze and the stove flamed up and the temp rose to 700 deg with in just a couple of minuets this is not acceptable. So we have discontinued them until we can figure out how to control the heat output.
They work great indoors on the garage floor but once outside they seam to be unpredictable!!!!.
I will be testing adding water to the alcohol to see if this will keep it from over boiling this may help.

 If you have purchased the alcohol stove and are having problems please send me an E-Mail

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  1. Hi Brian,

    I'll be trying it out this weekend at Pt. Reyes. I'll have both the Dragonfly and the alcohol stove I purchased from you. May just need to shield the stove a bit - to keep the fuel from boiling.