Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bemco R.V. Oven

 The 9 inch Bemco oven is ideal for the R.V.'s that only has a stove top and no oven, such as in horse trailers with the living quarters inside, and some campers and trailers.
 We recently went out looking at trailers and saw one we liked but it did not have an oven. They wanted an additional $600.00 for an oven instead of just a stove top. Now we have an oven for the trailer that only cost $70.00 instead of $600.00. We can bake the same things in it that we could bake in the other oven. The 9" oven is perfect for this.
 Wow another use for the BEMCO Backpacker Oven not just for backpacking!!!!

 Here are some photos of the Oven in our Aljo 23' trailer:
The only problem I see is that it slides a bit on the stove rack. If you just cut some small notches in the sides in the location of the rack it wont slide around. This can be done with a pair of Tin Snips. I could do it but I am sure not all stove racks are the same and the notches might be in the wrong spot! the oven heated up to 400 deg in a mater of 2 minuets and I had to turn the burner down to about 2 and it maintained the 400 deg no problem. The oven was empty so when baking you may need to raise the burner temp of course.
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  1. Thank you for this post and the excellent pics! I have the same situation where I purchased a vintage 16 foot Scamp trailer with no oven and was wondering how I would bake anything. This certainly seems like the most economical and practical solution. The fact that it fold up is paramount due to storage challenges in my camper. ��