Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brunton Stove stand and the Bemco Backpacker Oven

 We have purchased a number of Brunton stove stands and shortened the legs so they will work with the Bemco ovens. No other modifications have been made. You could also use a standard Brunton Stove stand all you would need to do is dig it into the ground about 1" this will give room for the stove and stand to fit under the oven properly.
  I have also had some questions on how to use the stove stand, and what it is used for. I have included a photo of an MSR Pocket Rocket attached to the stove stand. We have also included with the modified stand a Velcro One Wrap strap to wrap the folded stand up with. This will hold the fuel line wraped up.
To use the stove stand with your canister type stove. You would screw your stove onto the stand the same as onto a canister. Then open the control valve on the stove all the way as you will be using the control valve that comes with the stove stand. Then screw the canister onto the connection at the end of the fuel line and wha la you now have a remote canister type stove. Use the small black knob at the canister to control the flame on your stove. This works great for use with the Bemco Backpacker Ovens.

Have fun camping and don't forget to bake something yummy!!!

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