Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dangers of Freezer Bag cooking

I have always wondered about the chemicals that are used to make plastic bags. I know a lot of people use them for cooking. My question is that it is called a "Freezer Bag" not a Cooking bag. So I looked and searched on the net about this and found that the bags do not contain the BPA but what about other chemicals. Now I found this information here


S.C. Johnson & Son has faced several controversies over their product, Ziploc. One of the uses that is most controversial is the Ziploc omelet. To make the Omelet you are required to place the Ziploc bag in boiling water.[citation needed] Through the years there have been many accusations against S.C. Johnson & Son saying that when the bags are boiled, the toxic substance, Bisphenol-A, which is used in the manufacturing of some polycarbonate plastics, is released into the contents of the bag. [7] S.C. Johnson & Son heard about the claim and published an article saying that Ziploc brand bags do not contain any of the Bisphenol-A substance. [8] There are still warnings out saying that the steam that is created in the bag could allow a number of other chemicals used in the bag's manufacturing to release into the food.[7] Ziploc has not commented on this aspect of the argument

Basically they S.C. Johnson is not commenting on other chemicals that may be released when you put boiling water in a freezer bag. I wonder why not! Has anyone done testing to find out if any chemicals are being released into the food when the bags are used in this manner?

Now I did find on their web site Steam bags:

But when you search the site for Freezer bag cooking they do not have any information about that. To me that says that they do not recommend this, as you are using the product for something it is not made for. That is why they came up with the Zip'n Steam bags!

Link to the Manufacturers Web page on Zip'n steam:

So I would not recommend the use of Freezer bags as a cooking system. Especialy if the manufacturer does not recommend it!!! Now as a storage bag or a freezer bag as they are intended to be used GREAT!!!

   Be safe and have fun camping & don't eat any chemicals that you do not know about.

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