Sunday, April 18, 2010

Using the BEMCO Backpacker Oven on a Barbeque

 We were making some Barbeque chicken last night and wanted to make some biscuits. Well I had the just add water mix. So I set the new 12 inch BEMCO oven up on the side burner of our Barbeque. In about 3 or 4 minuets it was up to temp. I made the mix and placed it on a pan as the instructions say to. Put them in the oven and in about 12 minuets I had perfectly baked biscuits.

These photos show how the oven fits on the side burner of our BBQ.

Photo of biscuits in the oven and prior to putting them in the oven.

 Biscuits comming out of the oven.
Perfectly baked biscuits and barbequed chicken YUM. No cooking inside the house all cooking was done on our barbeque outside. This would be great for hot summer cook outs, corn bread, muffins, etc. With the 12 inch oven you can use any pan that will fit inside the oven as with all our ovens. We are still testing this oven but so far it seams to work just fine. Although it does take a lot more heat to use it. We have used it with the MSR Whisperlite International with good results. the 9 inch oven would be perfect for the BBQ and still bake the same way maybe even better as it would not take so much heat to bring it up to temperature.

So another use for the BEMCO Backpacker Oven just set it up on your side burner of your BBQ and you have an oven to bake with out side. Now you can have fresh rolls, biscuits, muffins breads, you name it you can bake it anywhere with the BEMCO Backpacker Oven.

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