Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cottonwood Lakes Aug. 2010

 We did a trip to tour the Cottonwood Lakes area on Friday the 13th of August. These are some of the photos that where taken. You can see all the photos at

 We baked pizza, blueberry muffins and chicken enchiladas see the photos below.
Fresh baked pizza

Uncooked Chicken enchaladas
Baked  Enchaladas cooked for 30 min @ 375 deg.

 I caried the 9 inch oven so I could try it out in the mountains and also make larger portions as we had 3 of us camping that weekend. The oven worked perfectly using my MSR Wisperlit stove.

This is a photo of our camp. We camped away from the lake as the mosquitos where prety bad.
This is the three of us on top of the mountain in the center of the valley looking north to Mount Langley.
Some great flowers that we found on top of the mountain.
We had a great time and ate some good food thanks to the BEMCO Backpacker Oven.
If you would like to share your trips or food stories please send them to I would be glad to post them on my site!!!

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