Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changes to the Backpacker Oven for 2010-2011

 We have made some changes to our oven this year. These include the installation of the door latch. This keeps the door shut while you are baking, and takes the place of the door spring that was on the door. Also we have moved the thermometer from the center of the right side to about 1.5 inches from the back of the right side. This gives more room for baking breads and cakes. We have also begun using a stronger wire rack while keeping the weight the same at around 24 ounces for the 7 inch oven.

This is a photo of our deluxe kit notice the door latch above the handle.
This year we started selling the 8 inch oven and the 9 inch oven for larger groups. They have actually sold pretty well. The 9 inch oven is made of the same material as the 7 and 8 inch ovens but a bit heavier as the span of the metal is farther. This makes for a very sturdy oven. Weighing in at 42 ounces it is the heaviest oven we sell.
From left to right 9 inch 8 inch 7 inch ovens with pans that are included in our kits.
We have also started using the Velcro One Wrap material for our straps. This material wraps around and sticks to itself and holds very well. I have used this material as a strap to hold my rolled up tent together when I lost one of the straps on a backpacking trip. It held just as good as the nylon strap with the buckle. But it weighs a lot less.
Our old nylon straps with velco attached to the ends.

Our new Velcro One Wrap straps.
 We are always looking for ways to improve our product. Making it stronger and keeping it as light as possible.
 This oven is the easiest oven to use as it works just like your oven at home even at 14,500 feet above sea level. See the video on YouTube.

 This oven in the photos has been on many backpacking trips, including to the top of Mount Whitney twice baking pizza. This oven was the one used to bake all the items in the photo on our web site. I have made the changes as we implemented them on all of our ovens that are now being sold. If you have one of our older versions please E-Mail me and we would be glad to make the upgrades for you at no charge. You would need to pay the shipping both ways though. Or you can send us your old oven and we will replace it with a new one for just $20.00 plus shipping.
Photo of the oven that I have used sense 2008
Back of folded oven notice that the inside of the oven stays on the inside so your pack does not get dirty.
Oven with the straps removed.

Oven setup ready to use.

Photo of the inside of the oven.
 As you can see the oven has been used a lot. On many trips, backpacking and just car camping. I have not had any problems with this oven. It always works great for baking food. I even barbequed steak on the wire rack just like the home barbeque. 
 We also now include with all of our ovens a small baking guide. This gives the owner a starting point so they can start baking right away. We are trying to include more recipes as time goes by. If you have anything you would like to see on our site or even to be included in our baking guide please forward them to me at I would be more than happy to include them in the guide or on this blog.

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