Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PCT Hiker video

 Dream's a guy I met when I went up to Chicken Spring lake last summer sent me a link to his video of his PCT hike. Great video!
 Any way I made about 8 pizzas for the trail hikers and this is what he sent to me. Check it out it's good!! I am glad he made it all the way that's GREAT!!

Copy of E-Mail: 

Name : Dreams
Comments : I ran into Brian during my PCT thru hike last summer. When we approached Chicken Spring Lake, G.Q. and Avo were walking in front of me, and we met Brian. Brian was in the Sierra back-country using his product, a Bemco backpacking oven."Would you guys like me to bake you some pizzas? It will take about 20 minutes?" We were speechless! We waived over Lip Service, Neon, Captain Obvious, and Princess as they hiked by while Brian cooked us about 8 fresh mini-pizzas. Are you kidding 
me?!! This was the best trail magic on the whole trail. I made a little homemade 45-minute movie with a short clip of Brian and his oven. 
Check it out here:


Dreams' 2010 Pacific Crest Trail Video from Drew Reams on Vimeo.

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