Monday, January 3, 2011

Customer Comment

I recently received the Bemco oven as a Christmas gift and LOVE it! I've already made pastry-wrapped baked brie and pizza with wild chanterelle mushrooms picked the same day :-)
Unfortunately, my instruction manual/recipe book got soaked when a water bottle dumped onto it, and isn't legible any more. Would it be possible to have a new one mailed or emailed to me? I'd really like to see the recipes.
Thank you!

 We E-Mailed a new copy. Then she sent this photo of the pizza they made.

Erins Pizza YUM!!!!

Erins Bria YUM!
Thank you very much, I appreciate it! For your website, if you want them, attached are photos of the baked brie and pizza I made in the oven. I had forgotten my backpacker stove so we improvised with a Coleman stove and the oven worked perfectly. The product is fantastic! I love eating gourmet when I backpack, and I plan to bring this on every trip. My boyfriend and I climbed Mt. Shasta this summer and were wishing we had something like this to make a pizza on the top of the mountain!

Thanks again!

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