Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bemco Oven and PackaFeather XL Stove

 We purchased one of the PackaFeather XL Stoves from I thought it would work good as you can adjust the heat output on this alcohol stove. Well it worked perfectly it is a great design for use with the BEMCO Oven as it has the cable adjust heat output.

This is a photo off of their website.
Price $32.97 plus shipping of $3.60.
Stove weight 1.3 oz.

I tried the pot stand and it held my Pinnacle Soloist pot perfectly.
Below is a breakdown of time and temperatures using the stove with a BEMCO 7 inch oven.
Filled stove with 2 oz of fuel per the instructions.
Lit stove and set the oven over it centering the stove under the oven.
Time to reach 400 deg (F) 2 min 25 seconds outside temp 58 deg. closed down stove all the way then opened it to 1 turn open.
After 6 min the temp began to drop below 400 deg so I opened the vents on the stove to 1.5 turns open.
Temp rose to 425 deg at 10 min into burn time.
Monitored temp and adjusted stove 1/4 turn up or down to maintain the 400 deg.
Total burn time using the BEMCO 7 inch oven was 33 min 22 sec. Long enough to bake most anything you would want. Except maybe brownies as they normaly bake for 40 to 50 min.

 In conclusion I feel this would be an excellent stove to use with the BEMCO Backpacker Oven and I will be testing it with all three ovens and baking with it.
Look for photos of baked food to come soon.

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