Friday, November 19, 2010

Customer Comment

Recieved this info today something to store your thermometer in:

  This question was submitted on Friday, November 19th, 2010 at 11:21 AM.
Email : left out for privacy
Name : Randy B.
 Comments : I got my oven two months ago and I love it. It has opened
 up a new set of gourmet food for our camp. I have cooked pizza,
muffins, hushpuppies, and our new favorite shepherds pie. Any way the
 reason I am writing is that since I have had my oven I have been
 worried about the thermometer breaking because the front is glass and
 I throw my pack around. Well I ran into the perfect solution. I
 bought a granite gear #5 air bloc stuff sack and it comes compacted in a
 small plastic screw top jar. Well the thermometer fits like a glove  in
 it with zero play inside. It just a tip for users of the bemco. I took
 pics but can not find a way to post them. Great product.
 Submit : Submit
Randy's thermometer case.

 Hi Randy
 It sounds like you are enjoying your new found freedom to bake
anything in the backcounty thats GREAT!!
If you would like you can send the photos to me and I will post them
with your comment on our web site.
BEMCO Backpacker Oven

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