Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Customer Comment

This E-Mail from Fran who just purchased the 8" oven kit.

Blue Corn bread:
I halfed the recipe I usually use and used powdered milk and powdered whole eggs. The dry ingredients weighted 6 5/8 oz. Add water and oil and mix and bake. Is enough for 4 people. The pan for the 8 inch oven is actually a perfect size for this recipe. After seasoning the pans the way the instructions said everything just drops out of the pans. I did pam them before cooking in them though. I can see cornbread and beans after a long day on the bike. Well not too terribly long daily wise but length wise will be. At 73 my miles get shorter but the trip can go on forever. I love this oven.

The biscuits could be a little browner but they are done. Just used a packaged biscuit mix. They just slid out of the pan after paming it before putting them in there and seasoning the pans like the instructions say. I used canola the first time and that was a sticky mess.

I wish I'd had this oven this summer because it gets too hot in my kitchen to bake so I have done very little of it. With this oven on top of my stove I wouldn't have to worry about all the heat from the oven. This would also make an excellant emergency oven for when power is out(my oven won't light then) or after a hurricane ( I was out of power for a week once). I am really glad I found this. When not using (mine will stay on the stove til I am ready to take it camping) it won't take up any more storage space then a notebook. Pizza will be my next recipe to try out. Since I live 50 miles from the grocery store I can't just run down and get ingredients any time, however tomorrow my son is going to the big city and I will go and see what I can bring home to try. I love it.


Looks like she is enjoying her new Bemco Oven.

Thanks for your support.

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