Monday, July 15, 2013

Bemco Oven Mt. Whitney 2013

 Here are some of the photos from our Mt. Whitney trip. We baked pizza and brownies at the top in the Bemco Backpacker Oven. The 2 guys that went with me brought beer for us to have with our pizza. So it was pizza and beer at the top of Mt. Whitney.

Eating pizza and brownies
Baked brownies

 On the way up we stopped and camped at Crabtree meadows. Here we could have a camp fire so I thought I would try the oven with coals from the camp fire. It worked out great got the oven up to 300 deg F and baked pizza, biscuits, and banana bread.

Pizza baked with camp fire coals.
Here is the photos of the baked foods on the trip. Well some of them anyway. As I did not take photos of everything I baked. But we did eat very well!

Banana nut bread
Bemco oven at the top of Mt. Whitney
Looking over Crabtree Meadows
My Third time at the top
At Trail Crest
Made it to the bottom

 We had a great time and would love to do it again. Maybe next year! I already have another guy who wants me to show him how to use the Bemco Backpacker oven and bake pizza at the top of Mt. Whitney. Now the total number of people that have done this is 3 that I know of anyway!

 Lets make the list longer so far it is Brian, Jesse & Josh. Now for the one that have eaten pizza at the top of Mt. Whitney I would need to add to the list it would be Brian, Jesse, David, Joe, Josh. We have all had fresh baked pizza at the top of Mt. Whitney 14495 feet above sea level.

 Enjoy using the Bemco Backpacker Oven and bake anything anywhere!


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