Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bemco Oven straps

 As of January 2014 we are no longer shipping the ovens with 2 straps. This is due to the second strap crossing over the front pin and bending the metal when the strap is tightened too tight. This intern causes the front to come loose when the oven is set up.
If you have ordered the oven and did not receive the two straps this is why. If you would like to receive a second strap please E-Mail me and I will ship one out to you.

 As of June 2014 we will no longer sell the oven with out the nylon sack. You will get the one strap and the nylon sack. We will also stop selling the oven only as we do not have a high demand for this type of kit. Please if you have any suggestions or comments please forward them to me at or

Thank You
Brian E. Marsh

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