Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Pine lakes trip report

 We did the Big Pine lakes trip on the 23rd and 24th of October instead of the 16th Due to snow fall that week. Even after over a week the snow cover up at 7th lake was at almost 2 feet in some spots. This is a photo of the snow around 7th lake. The temperatures where not too bad. Day time was in the mid 50's and night temps in the mid 30's.

We baked Lasagna in the Bemco backpacker oven for dinner the first night and it turned out real good. It was almost more than I could eat myself. Definitely plenty of food. That night I took photos of the Glaciers reflecting in Black Lake it was awesome.

                                                     I had a great time even though it was only 2 days I got to see lots of scenery and not too many folks up in this area. Only saw 4 others camping up at 4th lake. I heard the fishing was great but I did not bring the gear as this was only a photo trip short and sweet. Here are photos of all the lakes starting with Black lake.

Black Lake with Temple Crag in the background.

Summit Lake from up on the north side of the canyon with Temple Crag.

Seventh lake from the north shore.

Sixth lake as I was leaving 7th lake.

Fifth lake from the North West shore great camp spot.

Fourth lake looking north as you enter from the main trail great fishing.

Third lake from just off the trail not much camping around this lake.

Second lake from just off the main trail looking south.

First lake looking east towards Big Pine. This lake has great camping areas on the west shore area.

My kitchen setup at Black lake heating water for my hot chocolate while the Lasagna that I baked in the backpacker oven cools.

Fresh baked Banana nut muffin for breakfast on Saturday. Showing how the Bemco backpacker oven bakes evenly.

Looking up the South fork Big Pine creek great fall colors.

On the way back to the trail head from the falls.
This was a great trip for a two day or even a three day outing. Not too strenuous but not too easy some great views of the mountain and lakes. I would recommend this trip for a quick weekend outing.

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