Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bemco Backpacker Oven

  Today I was at work and decided to use my Backpacker Oven to heat up my roast beef sandwiches. I always keep my oven in my truck anyway. So I set it up and started my MSR Wisperlite stove opened up my sandwiches and laid them on the oven rack open face so that when heated the cheese would melt. The first sandwich heated in about 4 min and as I ate that one I heated the second one. The cheese was melted perfectly and the bun was slightly toasted. It was like an Oven baked sandwich that you would get at a restaurant excellent! I should have taken pictures but I was at work so I did not really have time to do that. In all it took about 15 min to set up the oven and bake the 2 sandwiches. This was plenty of time for my 30min lunch break. Ho by the way I am in construction so this works well as I normally do not have time to go to a fast food place or out to lunch. I just set it up out side by the truck and wha-la I have fresh baked oven sandwiches.
A photo of the oven folded up. I will take pictures next time.

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