Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Customer comment

This was posted on our Photo site at Shutterfly.

Jeffery T I purchased the BEMCO, big letters are needed! If you have a brain and any skills at cooking you will drop jaws ,not as in big fish. I've backed itallian bread.bisquits,pizza.allthe standards. I'm going to embark on a campaign to bake everything you can do in your kitchen conventional oven. I expect the result to be as with anything else I've whipped up in the Bemco absolute perfection. I've been backpackpacking for fortythree years and this is the only backing unit that I will give my personal gold seal of unconditional approval!!!

 Jeffery purchased the 8" oven kit and is no doubt enjoying it!!!

Link to photo site:

Thanks Jeffery for your input!! I hope to see some of his baked foods soon!!

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